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Thread: BOC's Albert Bouchard talks about THAT cowbell!

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    BOC's Albert Bouchard talks about THAT cowbell!

    I had a chance to chat with the original drummer from Blue Öyster Cult today, Albert Bouchard. The guy who's cowbell spawned a pop culture phrase that will live forever. MORE COWBELL! The story behind it is pretty interesting too. It almost was a......triangle instead!

    Got MORE Cowbell? We do! For Episode #42 we chat with Albert Bouchard, original drummer for Blue Öyster Cult. He's got a new album called ReImaginos, which is a reworking/recording of the legendary BOC album Imaginos. We dig into the making of that and it's vids and how it differs from the original BOC version. Also, we chat about early influences, concerts, the evolution of drum micing at concerts, and of course, how cowbell wound up on their classic "Don't Fear The Reaper". A cowbell that spawned a pop culture catch phrase that will live FOREVER. Would you believe it almost was....triangle instead?! Also, Albert guests on the new BOC album The Symbol Remains. We'll discuss how that came to be. My co-host this week is my friend Rob Dwyer.

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    Thanks for posting this interview Sean.
    What can this strange device be? When I touch it, it brings forth a sound.


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