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Thread: Stevie Wonder Releases First New Music in 15 Years

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    Stevie Wonder Releases First New Music in 15 Years

    Stevie Wonder has kept a relatively low profile over the last decade, but that quiet period — which follows a health scare — seems to be ending. On Tuesday, the 70-year-old legend announced the release of two new songs, his first in 15 years. In equally startling news, Wonder said he would be releasing the tracks on his own label under Republic Records. The releases mark a break from Motown, his home since 1962.

    Speaking by Zoom from his Southern California home, Wonder said he began writing one of the songs, the fluid “Where Is Our Love Song,” when he was 18 in 1968. He recently unearthed it and completed it with new lyrics, with the newly cut track featuring Gary Clark Jr. on guitar. Proceeds from the song’s sales will benefit Feeding America, which, Wonder says, has requested $1 billion in donations to help families in need around the country.

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    I'm not sure I've listened to any post-Original Musiquariam Stevie except for the radio hits. These two tracks definitely connect more with the early-mid '70s stuff he did than with the later sappier stuff from the '80s I've heard.

    He was a part owner of Motown, last I'd heard. Did he sell his stake?

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    Nice stuff. Love that dual guitar and harmonica solo too.

    This seems to be new too...

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    He still sounds great!
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    Digging those tunes. Nice stuff...

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    Completely...utterly...totally...unmistakably...ST EVIE WONDER!!! The voice...the beat....the sound. Damn we needed this right now. THANK YOU STEVIE!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!
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    Did not expect to like these tunes. But I do. A lot even.


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