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Thread: The Canvas Prog Hour # 598 FM-"Black Noise"-1978

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    The Canvas Prog Hour # 598 FM-"Black Noise"-1978

    A new show is up and ready to roll for the next two weeks at ------------------------------>


    The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 598
    In Focus-FM-"Black Noise"-1978

    Agents Of Mercy-Between Sun And Moon-The Black Forest-2011 (Roine Stolt & Nad Sylvan)
    Nad Sylvan-Whoa (Always Been Without You)-The Regal Bastard-2019 (Nick D'Virgilio & Jonas Reingold)
    Tim Morse-Wake Up-III-2018
    Flying Colors-Cadence-Third Degree-2019 (Neal Morse & Steve Morse)
    Downes Braide Association-North Sea-Suburban Ghosts-2015
    Eric Johnson-Turn The Page (1978)-Seven Worlds-1998
    Prism-Mizumi To Sora-Palace In The Sky-2011
    Fish On Friday-Life In Towns-Black Rain-2020 (Nick Beggs)
    Jellyfish-Calling Sarah-Bellybutton-1990
    FM-Phasors On Stun-Black Noise-1978 (Cameron Hawkins)

    The Steve Miller Band-Electro Lux Imbroglio / Sacrafice-Book Of Dreams-1977
    NDV-Snake Oil Salesman-Invisible-2020 (Stan Cotey & Tony Levin)
    Montrose-I Got The Fire-Paper Money-1974 (Sammy Hagar)
    Jethro Tull-One Brown Mouse-Heavy Horses-1978
    Genesis-It's Gonna Get Better-Genesis-1983
    Fish-Just Good Friends (Close)-Internal Exile-1991
    Stanley Clarke-School Days-School Days-1976 (David Sancious & Gerry Brown)
    Lost Ocean-Lights-Night To Life-2006
    Blue Oyster Cult-Don't Turn Your Back-Fire Of Unknown Origin-1981
    Dennis Chambers-Lydian Cowboy-Big City-1991
    3rd Matinee-Silver Cage-Meanwhile-1994 (Patrick Leonard & Richard Page)
    FM-One O'Clock Tomorrow-Black Noise-1978 (Martin Deller)

    Steely Dan-Aja-Aja-1977 (Wayne Shorter & Steve Gadd)
    Steely Dan-Home At Last-Aja-1977 (Larry Carlton & Bernard Purdie)
    Steely Dan-Gaucho-Gaucho-1980 (Jeff Porcaro)
    Morse Portnoy George-Baker Street-Cov3r To Cov3r-2020
    Santana-Primera Invasion / Searchin'-Zebop-1981 (Graham Lear)
    Nazareth-This Flight Tonight-Loud 'N' Proud-1973
    Jim Weider's Project Percolator-Pulse-Pulse-2009
    Marillion-Holloway Girl-Season's End-1989
    Bryan Beller-Volunteer State-Scenes From The Flood-2019 (Joe Satriani)
    FM-Journey-Black Noise-1978 (Nash The Slash)

    October Tree-Mirrors / Mortis Urgan-The Fairy's Wing-2012 (Tammy Lounsberry)
    Francis Dunnery-Give Up And Let It Go-The Gulley Flats Boys-2005
    R.E.O. Speedwagon-Golden Country-T.W.O.-1972
    Kevin Gilbert-Waking The Sun-Bolts-2009
    Renaissance-On The Frontier-Ashes Are Burning-1973
    Cosmic Danger-Freedom Flier-Universe At Large-2012
    Yesterday And Today-Yesterday And Today-50th Anniversary Tribute To Yes-2018
    Players-Between Coming And Going-Players-1987 (Steve Smith & Jeff Berlin)
    Keith Emerson Band-Finale-Keith Emerson Band-2009 (Marc Bonilla)
    The Who-I've Had Enough-Quardophenia-1973
    FM-Aldebaran-Black Noise-1978

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    Another excellent show.

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    Thanks Ed! I appreciate you listening and commenting. I still can’t believe the drums on Jim Weiders Project Percolator...that high hat pattern is insane!


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