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Thread: RIP Mac Davis

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    RIP Mac Davis

    Died after Heart Surgery. 78. Didn't know he wrote for Elvis. 58 years in the Biz!
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    Nashville Cat Wayne Moss (played guitar on Tommy Roe's 'Sheila', Roy Orbison's 'Pretty Woman', Waylon Jennings' 'Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line', Dylan's 'Blonde on Blonde' et al) contacted me and asked for help finding this song that Mac covered of his. He wanted to put it on his FB page to honor and mark Mac's passing. I couldn't find it online but I did find a still sealed vinyl copy and sent it off to a friend in the business to transfer. I was never a fan back in the day thinking he was a bit square and a hambone. I do think he did a great version of Wayne's song and can appreciate his talents more from an older perspective. This is the last song on his 1978 album 'Fantasy'. Interesting that he and Helen Reddy were both the same age and died on the same day.


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