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Thread: Helen Reddy (I Am Woman) - RIP

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    Helen Reddy (I Am Woman) - RIP

    Amazing singer, songwriter from the '70's has passed away on Tuesday at 78. It's a sad day for sure.

    RIP Ms. Reddy
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    I thought she was invincible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronmac View Post
    I thought she was invincible.
    Turns out not, but RIP Helen. She had a good voice.

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    I remember the $#itstorm she created at an awards ceremony in the 70's. In her acceptance speech, She referred to God as "she". You could hear the audience Gasp! She had Balls!
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    Amazing thing is her voice stayed pretty much the same to the very end. Last time she performed was 2017 and sounds pretty much the same when it comes to tone and phrasing. Same keys too. None of that "tuning down for old pipes" business. RIP

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    Iconic song. You know it's an iconic song when its the only one you're know for and you're asked to perform it around 10,000 times. Musta been associated with some sort of phenomenon.

    I remember when she was the permanent host for Midnight Special, which is ironic considering how unmemorable those shows were. RIP, though I'd have put money on her having already RIP'd.


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