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Thread: Masters Of Resonance

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    Masters Of Resonance

    Just watch. It's GOOD. 1500 years ago......

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    Welcome back, Mr. L.

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    Thanks, Moe.

    So, no one watched the doc? It's got some real cool drum works in it. Not sure if it's a commercial for DW drums but whatever it is, it's so very fascinating. How they make drums, the process itself will wow you. And to boot, Neil's last drum kit was made from wood that was 1500 years old preserved in a Romanian river.

    Still think he sounded like crap but what do I know. I'm like most of us, I think, that never liked his sound over the last few albums and especially live.

    Otherwise, a very good doc.
    Carry On My Blood-Ejaculating Son - JKL2000



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