Hello, this Sunday from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax The Prog-Rock Diner serves up some more music from NEARfest 2010. Starting with Gentle Giant (Three Friends actually performed - 2 original members), then The Pineapple Thief and Moraine. I just received The Enid so I will play some next week. Then moving on to 2012 (NF 2011 didn't happen) the Friday night show was Aranis and Van Der Graaf Generator. Finishing off the menu some tracks from the release After The Storm (benefit CD compilation for Hurricane Katrina survivors) we'll hear from Happy The Man, FM, Sean Malone and California Guitar Trio. Hopefully this will satisfy your progressive appetite! Comments are always welcome and thanks again for listening.

GENTLE GIANT - Schooldays - Three Piece Suite
GENTLE GIANT - Mr. Class and Quality - Three Piece Suite
GENTLE GIANT - Three Friends - Three Piece Suite
THE PINEAPPLE THIEF - Wake Up The Dead - Someone Here Is Missing
THE PINEAPPLE THIEF - Someone Here Is Missing - Someone Here Is Missing
THE PINEAPPLE THIEF - 3000 Days - Someone Here Is Missing
MORAINE - Disillusioned Avatar/Dub Interlude/Ephebus Amoebus - Metamorphic Rock
MORAINE - Disoriental Suite - Metamorphic Rock (Live at NEARfest)

ARANIS - Lever in Plakjes - Songs From Mirage
ARANIS - Finale - Songs From Mirage
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - Scorched Earth - Godbluff
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - All That Before - Trisector
HAPPY THE MAN - Ibby It Is - After The Storm (benefit CD)
FM - Random Harvest - After The Storm (benefit CD)
SEAN MALONE - Grace - After The Storm (benefit CD)
CALIFORNIA GUITAR TRIO - Zudoko Bushi - After The Storm (benefit CD)