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Thread: New "Old" Dean Watson

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    New "Old" Dean Watson


    I've just released a new work consisting of revisions of tunes originally written long ago. You'll hear tunes of mine you might recognize from my previous CD's, an old old tune never released and even some Where's The Nine. I hope you like it! Cheers! Btw - recorded in 24/96 resolution.

    Dean Watson Revisited earth resized for bandcamp.jpg
    Coming September 1st - "Dean Watson Revisited"!

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    4 weeks and no replies???? wth?
    Just had a listen to this and a couple on Unsettled, and have to say this is some extremely tasty prog fusion Dean.
    It's usually not what I listen to, but I'm so impressed with your musicianship, the recording, mastering and the compositions I really enjoyed your music.
    You also provide enough variation within a song, the whole prog fusion type thing doesn't drive an entire song, which usually for me is too much at one time.
    It's a remarkable feat you play all the instruments, not just play them, but play them well. And unless you have a vintage Hammond B3 or B4 sitting in your studio, whatever you're using sounds wonderful.

    Besides my teenage years listening to Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys, I also enjoyed Dave Brubeck and Oscar Peterson. In fact my father and I attended a concert together to see the Dave Brubeck Trio back in the early 60's.
    I know that's not prog fusion, but while I have fond memories of that kind of jazz, I found New Resolution a bit more on the jazzy side of things, but it's still a very good song, but to me it seems a bit out of place with the other material.

    Great work here Dean, on all counts!
    If anyone here on PE is into prog fusion, this is very good and I think a lot of you would enjoy it, give it a listen when you have a chance.
    And comments afterward are always welcomed.

    Richard H
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    It is a lovely recording, yep. Dean is a badass
    And the code is a play, a play is a song, a song is a film, a film is a dance...

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    Bought it but haven't had the chance to listen yet.
    Dean is an autobuy for me. Great stuff top to bottom.
    More people should know of him.


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    Thank you all for your kind comments. I really appreciate it!

    Top Cat ...

    " And unless you have a vintage Hammond B3 or B4 sitting in your studio, whatever you're using sounds wonderful. "

    I'm using the Blue3 VST organ from GG Audio. It is incredible.
    Coming September 1st - "Dean Watson Revisited"!


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