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Thread: Early music revisited

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    Yes, that's what I've gathered from reading liner notes on my albums that purport to contain the "oldest" music. Speculation, guesswork, interpretation, creativity....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mascodagama View Post
    As you probably know there are archaeologists and, apparently, "paleorganists" who study these questions. And there are surviving bits of musical notation going back as far as Sumeria:

    One group of academics and musicians that focuses on ancient Roman instruments and music is Synaulia:

    and what they do sounds like this:

    While I've no expertise, it seems to me that there must be a lot of guesswork and speculation involved. There are no surviving records of musical notation from ancient Rome and it appears that, based on the lack of any evidence in written accounts or visual art, they may not have written music down at all.
    Thanks for these links and your insight.
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