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Thread: Tangerine Dream 10-CD Box Set 1980-1983

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    People better snag EB. It's OOP. Get it while it's $30 shipped. That's the W-O-R-D!

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    I somehow never noticed that there was an orchestra on the end of Mojave Plan until I read it in the book.

    Listening to it a few times since, I don't know how I didn't notice; it's obvious. I also always assumed that Mojave Plan was a typo for Mojave Plain, there being no shortage of typos and goofs in the TD catalog.

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    Yeah, ditto for the end of Mojave Plan. Now I can't NOT hear it!
    If you're actually reading this then chances are you already have my last album but if NOT and you're curious:

    Also, Ephemeral Sun: it's a thing and we like making things that might be your thing:


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