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Thread: Gary Wright

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    Not a great song, but check out that guitar the guitarist is playing. Looks like some sort of Tele/Strat hybrid. I've seen a few instruments like that over the years, but that might be one of the earliest. Looks like it might be an early, Van Nuys era Schecter.

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    ZT did a listening party/commentary vid on one of Gary's better deep cuts:
    He's also featured a Spooky Tooth track.
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    Gary released an album in the late '80s that I was and still am particularly fond of. This is the title track, featuring Terry Bozzio on drums, L. Subramaniam on violin and Jimmy Haslip on bass:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dropforge View Post
    I dig Dream Weaver. If you're a keyboards guy (like moi), it's good sh*t. (There are no guitars on the album, which was uncommon for the time.)

    Steve Porcaro helped him out, too, as you no doubt know. Here's a cool live clip from '76. Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego.

    Two keytars? Shouldn't that clip be in the keytar-threat?

    I liked Dreamweaver and have the album on a cassette-tape, but I don't think it made a lasting impression.


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