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Thread: Metallica S&M 2 Thoughts

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    Metallica S&M 2 Thoughts

    I'd say this time they've done a great job in the 1st half of the CD. Some songs really benefit with the orchestra (For whom the bell tolls, The day that never comes, Unforgiven 3), but I'm not sure about the 2nd half. 'One' or 'Master of Puppets' don't sound as good as the originals. But in general as a fan I must say that I'm really satisfied. I hope their next CD will come out next year since they're writing new material and don't have many concerts

    What have you thought about Metallica's latest release with the symphony? Any songs you'd add to the setlist?

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    The bit I heard was cool. I like the cover too, of the M smashing through a cello, or bass, whatever it is. Anesthesia is cool on that symphonic bass.

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    I'm looking forward to hearing S&M2. Sure liked the first S&M album. In fact, I have S&M on DVD, so I'll watch it this weekend. The labor day weekend forecast is 100 degrees and heavy wildfire smoke, so watching a concert indoors sounds pretty pleasant. I've had great admiration for the late Michael Kamen and for the current SFS conductor Michael Tilson Thomas. Can't see how the Symphony and Metallica reunion could be less than good.


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