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Thread: New Richard Wileman (Karda Estra) album Arcana

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    New Richard Wileman (Karda Estra) album Arcana

    Hello PE,

    Just a short note to say my new album 'Arcana' is out on 1st September on CD and digital:

    It is released on Kavus Torabi's Believers Roast label:
    'Very happy to announce my label, Believers Roast, are putting out the beautiful new Richard Wileman album- Arcana.
    Richard is one of my favourite composers. I was very honoured to have collaborated with him on the Karda Estra album New Worlds. He also contributed to The Exquisite Corpse Game.
    On both Karda Estra and on his more song-led solo work, Richard's music glows with an eerie and spectral resonance, a sound world that delves into exotica, folk, psychedelia and chamber prog but always instantly recognisable as his own'.

    Preview here:

    Best wishes,

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    Preordered the digital release. [emoji106]

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    It's been in heavy rotation here at Chez Sajn. B.Sue and i both have been really enjoying it
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