New track "The Vale of Linden" from Ian Neal, featuring complex mono-synth melodies, heavier guitar passages, lashings of mellotron, a late 70s vibe and tons of atmosphere.😉

Completed under Covid-19 Lockdown, the track also featured some patches from the "Isolation Choir" mellotron tape banks produced by the guys at GForce. These were free M-Tron tape banks produced under lockdown to help inspire struggling musicians.

Because progress is slow, tracks are being released in a drip feed fashion for this, the fourth album "Barkston Ash."

Hints of Renaissance, Hackett, Tony Banks and Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" are heard in Ian Neal's music. Because the promotion-machine is a bit too casual and scant, help is needed, although a loyal following is building here and via the Bandcamp page. Many months of work go into a track at a time, then, as far as promotion is concerned, just a handful of links are posted once a year, after which it's back to composing, head down, head in the clouds; but what comes out seems to be pleasing those in the know.