Hello, this Sunday 8/9/20 from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in Northern VA The Prog-Rock Diner continues with the NEARfest series in 2008. I decided to play an interview I did with Michele Moog-Koussa at the festival. Things were just coming together with the Moog Foundation and much has advanced since then but I think she has some very interesting things to say about it so I hope you enjoy it. Then we move on to the music with Peter Hammill, Morglbl, Van Der Graaf Generator (they were not there that year but Hammill did some of their music), Radio Massacre International, Echolyn and a bit of Banco. I hope you will join me and let me know if you listen! Feel free to share your NEARfest stories too. Thanks for listening.

PETER HAMMILL - A Better Time - X My Heart
PETER HAMMILL - (In the) Black Room/Tower - Chameleon In the Shadow of the Night
MORGLBL - The Tale of Thibault - Toons Tunes From the Past
MORGLBL - Streets and Traps - Toons Tunes From The Past
MORGLBL - Lieutenant Colombin - Toons Tunes From The Past
MORGLBL - Scouskymegnum - Ze Morglbl Trio II
VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - Still Life - Still Life

RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL - Organ Harvest - Lost In Transit
RADIO MASSACRE INTERNATIONAL - Bettr'r Day-s - Rain Falls In Grey
ECHOLYN - Georgia Pine - The End Is Beautiful
ECHOLYN - The End Is Beautiful - The End Is Beautiful
ECHOLYN - Never The Same - As The World
BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO - R.I.P. - Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso