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    Sorry to read that last line Xavier! Hope they recover quickly and that you and the rest of the band can remain in good health.
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    How about putting the shows on DVD-R and selling them? I'd be all over that. They would be snapshots in time, not intended as professional video statements. I bet there would be interest, as this is a most excellent line-up.
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    Tickets procured and the waiting begins anew.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobo Chang Ba View Post
    Sorry to read that last line Xavier! Hope they recover quickly and that you and the rest of the band can remain in good health.
    That's so kind ! Thanks a lot. We'll do the show !

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    High of 82 degrees on Sunday in Chapel hill.

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    Really enjoyed this two day experiment though it was a bit odd. Was great to see so many familiar names in the chatroom and had plenty of entertaining banter. Didn't see how many people attended but seemed to be a fair few, hope it was successful for ProgDay and the artists.

    My personal favorite acts were
    Stop Motion Orchestra - experimental instrumental played outdoors on the deck
    Vak - modern Zeuhl focused on keys and an excellent vocalist
    Hooffoot - heavy fusiony instrumental with guest violinist and trombone, grooved as hard as anyone
    Ghost Rhythm - instrumental avant jazz

    I also enjoyed
    Vespero - Russian Space Psyche that grooved
    Les Évadés - jazzy folky cinematic music featuring violin & cello

    Mad Fellaz weren't for me, Italian, Fusion, Zappa, Allman hybrid with a soso vocalist who played for about 2 hours which was at least 45 minutes too long. Others seemed to love them.

    Didn't see Gnarbot.

    Congrats to Michael, ProgDay and the ProgStock people who set it up. Was much better than anyone had a right to expect in these interesting times.

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    Congratulations on what appears to have been a successful ProgDay event, you guys

    I didn't realise Dev and company played. I was really sorry to miss it, in any case. It was nice to check in though and see that many did attend.
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