Epic Tantrum has released two videos for the song "Abandoned,” from their critically acclaimed debut double full length "Abandoned in the Strangers Room"

"We received two different cuts of the video. They were similar but with different endings. The band was evenly split about which one we liked more. In typical Epic Tantrum fashion we decided to put both out," said the band through bassist Greg.

Epic Tantrum released their debut double full-length CD, Abandoned In The Strangers Room in January 2020.

"Throughout the record, the pilgrim focuses his anger at external pressures and frustrations, culminating in ‘A Howling,’” said Peter, guitarist and singer. ‘Abandoned' serves as a denouement, referring to an abandoning of the ego and self-absorption which imposes the illusion of those pressures," said singer Peter about the meaning of the track.

You can watch both versions here:

Version 1:

Version 2:

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