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Thread: Live Jon Anderson tomorrow 3 pm eastern?

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    Live Jon Anderson tomorrow 3 pm eastern?

    not so much on the details yet, as usual 2 steps behind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fiberman View Post
    not so much on the details yet, as usual 2 steps behind.
    Here more details:

    LiVEᴴᴰ Jon Anderson 1000 Hands Live Stream Experience,[LiveSTREAM]
    Live Streaming Jon Anderson 1000 Hands Live Stream Experience at New york : Sunday, August 2, 2020

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    Though my anti-virus say to now register... phishing site.

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    Looks fish.. phishy
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    There were 4 pre-recorded performances of 1000 Hands songs with his touring band and a long interview with Anderson on many topics. Given a longer interview format, Anderson tends to open up more, so you get the following, for example, about the long-in-development Zamran: Son of Olias project:

    I'm [...] working on music now that I've been promising to finish myself for 15 years for my son [...] He's been asking me for 20 years now, basically, 'Why don't you do Son of Olias, dad?' [...] So I started writing it 15 years ago and it's slowly but surely... Now, it's coming through. And there are times [...] if you just don't feel right about it, you put it to one side again [...] So, this is music that I've had for 15 years because... I'm still building on it. I was actually writing last week some parts, new parts to it and now it seems to be forming itself, without me pressuring the album to be created. Y'know, I know exactly what it's about. It's about [...] the idea that the, er, actual planet, Mother Earth, is made up of this incredible crystal stream energy — they call it ley lines


    It's something that I do, study these crazy things. So I'm trying to modify and use it, as though the streams, the crystal streams, were created by light beings. [...] I'm getting a bit crazy now, sorry. But light beings have always been around this planet. They're still around. They're in the fourth, fifth dimension. We call them fairies and devic worlds
    Where Are They Now? Yes news:
    Blogdegezou, the accompanying blog:


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