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Thread: Built For The Future - Brave New World

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    Built For The Future - Brave New World

    (It took me a while to figure out but apparently the other threads for this band were moved for self promotion. I have absolutely no affiliation with the band, I just really like them. I've been around here long enough so hopefully this one doesn't get killed/moved too.)

    The pre-order is (finally) up:


    The follow up album to Chasing Light. The life journey continues.

    The voyage of a traveller looking to find their way in to a new life, a new world, a new home. Dark, ambient, progressive.

    The traveller has departed the previous fallen world, and arrived at this new place. Now setting out to reach a new home in the form of the fabled city of the sun, which could represent many things to many people.

    Reflecting on time, the past, pain, hope and the distance across the landscapes.
    Wanting to believe its your world. Then believe that it is your world.
    That is the ultimate chanting conclusion to the story, make it yours.


    As always I am grateful and in awe of my partner Kenny for the hard work and effort put in to the amazing vocals. Kenny is a true professional and validates the music with his distinctive voice.

    And this album we added David as a full member to fully integrate his energy and creativity beyond just an afterthought. Dave ran loose with his experimental approach to the guitar, and created the incredible otherworldly tone for the songs.

    Special thanks to our 'live' keyboardist Pete Fithian. He... more
    releases August 20, 2020

    Patric Farrell: Bass/Guitars/Keyboards/Drums-Programming/Vocals
    Kenny Bissett: Lead Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards
    David Peña: Guitars/Synths/Atmospheres

    Produced by Patric Farrell
    Mastered by Roland Perez
    Album artwork by Michal Klimpczak


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    Thank you Pixel. I was unaware of the protocol...I tried to delete! lol. couldn't...I hope to not break any more rules!

    Thanks for the post. I hope you like the new one...we shall see!!!


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    Loved the first album. I have pre-ordered the second. "Brave New World" is being released on my birthday so that's kinda cool.

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    Thank you so much YESTOR! we have a new website and debut video. but I fear posting it LOL! Is it allowed? I love this forum and want to respect the rules.

    thank you again for the mention.

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    AUG 24! Release Release! (to quote a fav band of mine).

    Zenith. First single/Video!


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