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Thread: Built for the Future NEW ALBUM!

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    Built for the Future NEW ALBUM!

    frontcover copy.jpgPROMO PIC2.jpg

    Built for the Future's follow up to the acclaimed CHASING LIGHT is set for PRE-ORDER on Friday JULY 24.

    BRAVE NEW WORLD is the progressive continuation of the journey from a toxic world to a new one.
    Longer songs, darker vibe, but still a commitment to melody and lyrical emotion.

    finally done.

  2. #2 keep making these. Self promos go in the "What's New" forum, not the main page. The mods keep moving you.
    If you're actually reading this then chances are you already have my last album but if NOT and you're curious:

    Also, Ephemeral Sun: it's a thing and we like making things that might be your thing:

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    ^^^ Thanks.

    Yes, while we are fairly lenient on self-promotion, it should be done sparingly, in the correct forum, and not all you're here to do. Otherwise we will remove it. Thanks for understanding.
    WANTED: Sig-worthy quote.

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    oh my. I apologize. I thought I was going nuts when it moved...I kept thinking I did it incorrectly. I did not know the protocol.

    at least I am not losing my mind.

    I am ok if you delete, again, my apologies.



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