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Thread: Built for the Future NEW ALBUM!

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    Built for the Future NEW ALBUM!

    frontcover copy.jpgPROMO PIC2.jpg

    Built for the Future's follow up to the acclaimed CHASING LIGHT is set for PRE-ORDER on Friday JULY 24.

    BRAVE NEW WORLD is the progressive continuation of the journey from a toxic world to a new one.
    Longer songs, darker vibe, but still a commitment to melody and lyrical emotion.

    finally done.

  2. #2 keep making these. Self promos go in the "What's New" forum, not the main page. The mods keep moving you.
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    ^^^ Thanks.

    Yes, while we are fairly lenient on self-promotion, it should be done sparingly, in the correct forum, and not all you're here to do. Otherwise we will remove it. Thanks for understanding.
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    oh my. I apologize. I thought I was going nuts when it moved...I kept thinking I did it incorrectly. I did not know the protocol.

    at least I am not losing my mind.

    I am ok if you delete, again, my apologies.



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