Hello, this Sunday 7/19/20 from 10pm to Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virginia (COX, Verizon)The Prog-Rock Diner continues serving music from NEARfest 2007. I'll be dishing out some Bob Drake, Magenta, Hawkwind, Indukti and La Maschera di Cera I hope you'll join me and if you have any stories/experiences to share from this fantastic festival, please do. Thanks for listening!

BOB DRAKE - The House - What Day Is It?
BOB DRAKE - Weeds - What Day Is It?
BOD DRAKE - Rainy - What Day Is It?
MAGENTA - Gluttony - Seven
MAGENTA - Pride - Seven
HAWKWIND - Assault & Battery/The Golden Void - Warrior On The Edge of Time
HaWKWIND - Paradox - Hall of the Mountain Grill
HAWKWIND - Goat Willow - Hall of the Mountain Grill

INDUKTI - Freder - S.U.S.A.R.
INDUKTI - no. 11812 - S.U.S.A.R.
INDUKTI - ...and weak II - S.U.S.A.R.
LA MASCHERA DI CERA - Un Senso all'impossibile - LuxAde
LA MASCHERA DI CERA - Orpheus - LuxAde
LA MASCHERA DI CERA - Nuova Luca - LuxAde
BOB DRAKE - The Unattended Funeral - Little Black Train