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Thread: PROG-ROCK Diner 7/05/20: 10pm-12am EST NF2006

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    PROG-ROCK Diner 7/05/20: 10pm-12am EST NF2006

    Hello, this evening 7/5/20 from 10pm to Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at and on Cable in No. Virginia (COX, Verizon) The Prog-Rock Diner is serving some of the music from NEARfest 2006. I'm including some from the Friday night pre-show even though I don't have setlists for them (if anyone has them, please let me know!) so we'll hear from Tony Levin and Hatfield & The North. Then I'll serve up some KBB, Richard Leo Johnson, Ozric Tentacles and Guapo. I don't having any FM or Riverside at the moment but will work on that for a future show. I do hope you are having a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for listening. Let me know what you think and it's always fun to hear NF stories too.

    TONY LEVIN - Break It Down - Resonator
    TONY LEVIN - Places To Go - Resonator
    TONY LEVIN - Throw The God A Bone - Resonator
    HATFIELD & THE NORTH - Absolutely Wholesome - Hatwise Choice
    HATFIELD & THE NORTH - La Barbe est La Barbe - Hatwise Choice
    KBB - Discontinuous Spiral - Live 2004
    KBB - Inner Flames - Live 2004
    KBB - Backside Edge - Four Corners Sky

    RICHARD LEO JOHNSON TRIO - Highway 420 Revisited - Poetry of Appliance
    RICHARD LEO JOHNSON TRIO - Charmin' Carmen - Poetry of Appliance
    OZRIC TENTACLES - Chewier - Spirals In Hyperspace
    OZRIC TENTACLES - Disdots - The Floor Is Too Far Away
    GUAPO - Five Suns (Parts 1, 2, 3) - Five Suns
    RICHARD LEO JOHNSON - Skin and Bones - The Legend of Vernon McAlister
    RICHARD LEO JOHNSON - Whatever You Want, Whatever You Need - The Legend of Vernon McAlister
    Deb S.
    The Prog-Rock Diner
    SUNDAYS 10pm-12am EST

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    As always thanks for the show.

    The Friday night show was my only time at Near Fest as I went to especially see my all time favorite Richard Sinclair/Hatfield. It was a bit difficult and touch and go as my father had just passed away 2 weeks before.
    By accident I came in through a side door during Hatfields warm up and was the only person in the audience. No one said anything so I saw that extra also.
    You probably do not remember but I came up to where you were sitting and said hello as I recognized you from the simucast you did back then. Also said hello to you and Paul at Ramshead at a VdGG show.

    Always the best to you,

    Howard (in Md)

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    Just saw this and you jogged me memory. I do remember when came up to say hi. Thanks for sharing this.
    Deb S.
    The Prog-Rock Diner
    SUNDAYS 10pm-12am EST


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