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    Quote Originally Posted by flytomars View Post
    I remember when Asaf (a good friend) was editing it, he was having a really hard time getting something decent from the raw footage, it was as if the cameramen were doing it on purpose...
    Some of the footage was so useless that he had to supplement it with some atmospheric shots he took himself outside.
    The worst thing about it is that they were not amateurs but paid professionals...
    well the beggining of the show started in pitch black ...
    remind me to tell you some amazing story about those shots the Assaf did
    I hope the sound doesn't appear to be done by someone incompetent

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    Quote Originally Posted by NogbadTheBad View Post
    My understanding was Czar was complaining about the RIO one included in Barbaro, I thought that was an amateur shoot, but I could be wrong.
    That's the show. Amateur or not, you should still have some common sense when filming a band.

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    The RIO show was filmed by supposedly "professional" cameramen, the Wurzburg bit at the end was filmed unprofessionally (I think one was a static camera and another one or 2 angles from the audience, one of them by Asaf, but I might be wrong, need to revisit).
    Too bad the camera we used had a faulty battery that would last only 15-20 minutes (not enough for Magma AND Present on the same day)
    I think the audio on the Wurzburg was recorded by me but again need to re-check.
    All in all I personally love the RIO end result, it sounds great and looks fine to me, I remember the show itself was not as good, Udi did sprinkle some fairy dust on it

    PS - Asaf also edited the VDGG RFH reunion show unofficial DVD, check it out on youtube- it was all filmed very unprofessionally and under very hard circumstances, whenever someone was caught filming the ushers would make him erase it!
    But still the end result is a prime example how sometimes unprofessional fans with very bad conditions and equipment can create a convincing live footage.


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