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Thread: DVD Includes CD(s), Blu-Ray Doesn’t?

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    DVD Includes CD(s), Blu-Ray Doesn’t?

    Wot’s, uh...the de. Fal with releases such as the new, live Flying Colors where the DVD and the Blu-Ray are the same price but the DVD includes CDs of the audio and the Blu-Ray doesn’t? They could certainly have a version of the BD packaging that accommodates the CDs. I think of this as a bonus that comes with the DVD but is excluded from the BD. Sure, I’d like to have the better picture quality of the BD, but I’d also like to have the CDs. For me the result is often that I decide not to buy either version because both have drawbacks. What gives? It’s not like I’d buy both versions. Any insights from our vendor friends?

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    I've seen that with some releases. At least one of the Wilsons that I have.
    It's easier to rip DVD audio than BluRay audio, at least with my limited know-how on doing that sort of thing.


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