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Thread: Classics of Psychedelia 1965-1970

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    Another track worthy of mention here. Man's 'The Storm'. The studio one is from 1969. This slightly later live version (ditching the 'Prelude') has only ever been on one CD. It's magnificent, better than the studio version IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJ88 View Post
    ^You might be thinking of Paul Nicholas ('Cousin Kevin' in the Tommy film) who became quite a big name in the musical theatre world.

    Billy Nicholls is still around though, he's part of The Who/Pete Townshend's inner circle. Perhaps his best known song is 'Can't Stop Lovin' You (Though I Try)' which Leo Sayer and Phil Collins covered.
    His album from 68 is in my opinion one of the top albums of the 60's - yes

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    Canned Heat were never a psychedelic band, but in this track – Poor Moon – they do a good job in replicating in the studio the time distortion that, I find, often accompanies the ‘psychedelic experience’.

    So Sad (The World’s in a Tangle) is worth listening to just for the excellent guitar of Harvey Mandel, one of the neglected great-guitarists of the era.
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    Calico Wall "I'm a living sickness"

    Godz "Radar eyes"
    Macht das ohr auf!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrotum Scissor View Post

    A third one which I will not post, but fits the realm of "ambient" west-coast US psychedelia, is 'Song for Our Ancestors' by the Steve Miller Band.
    Sailor is one of the most psychedelic albums ever, IMO, and the first and third Steve Miller albums are also great.
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    The first three tracks on Fly Like An Eagle are in that languid, psych vein (albeit with a different sound, due to the synths). Not so much the rest of the album, admittedly.


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