This Sunday 6/14/20 from 10pm-Midnight on Radio Fairfax at The Prog-Rock Diner revisits NEARfest 2004 with Metamorfosi, Planet X, Strawbs and Genesis (in lieu of The Musical Box who played the preshow). During the 2nd hour I'm re-airing a segment Paul did to honor our friend and musician Larry Bennett who passed away recently. He was a fine fellow and will be missed. This segment features some music from his band Lobotomatic as well music from 4S'd (Larry was not in this one). Paul was involved with both of these bands. We finished the show off with some Present for desert. I hope you enjoy the show, thanks for listening!

METAMORFOSI - Introduzione - Paradiso
METAMORFOSI - Sfera di fuoco - Paradiso
METAMORFOSI - Cielo della Luna - Paradiso
METAMORFOSI - Salita a Mercurio - Paradiso
METAMORFOSI - Ceilo di Mercurio - Paradiso
METAMORFOSI - Salita a Venere - Paradiso
PLANET X - Europa - Universe
PLANET X - Warfinger - Universe
STRAWBS - Out In The Cold - Live at NearFest 2004
STRAWBS - Round and Round - Live at NearFest 2004
STRAWBS - Lay Down - Live at NearFest 2004
STRAWBS - Autumn - Live at NearFest 2004
GENESIS - I Know What I Like - Selling England By the Pound

4S'D - 2319 - Man or Muffin
4S'D - Nothing You Can Do - Man or Muffin
4S'D - Drunken Pumpkin - Man or Muffin
4S'D - The Deep - Man or Muffin
4S'D - Little Fish Hooks - Man or Muffin
4S'D - Sophies Adventure - Man or Muffin
LOBOTOMATIC - Blackhouse- Intergalactic Bastard
LOBOTOMATIC - I Stasis - Intergalactic Bastard
LOBOTOMATIC - Bloody Machine - Intergalactic Bastard
LOBOTOMATIC - Metastasis - Intergalactic Bastard
LOBOTOMATIC - Singularity - Intergalactic Bastard
PRESENT - A Last Drop - Barbaro Non Troppo