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Thread: A Number of Box Sets and SACD/SACD Hybrid Titles (most prog, some not)!

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    A Number of Box Sets and SACD/SACD Hybrid Titles (most prog, some not)!

    Also listed at Discogs (I'll include the links so you can get detailed information about each box set). I'm not really looking to trade, I'm more interested in selling. All prices in Canadian dollars, so consider that when comparing to other listings at eBay and Discogs. Buyer pays shipping, the cost of which I'll provide upon request. All CDs in NM condition as largely played only once. Booklets/Books in NM condition unless otherwise identified, slight shelf wear on boxes. I'm open to reasonable offers.

    1. The Moody Blues: Timeless Flight (17-Disc set): $649.99
    2. The Moody Blues: The Polydor Years 1986-1992 (9-Disc set): $44.99
    3. Kate Bush: Remastered, Part I: $64.99 (7CD set, bought all in high res so selling box)
    4. Kate Bush: Remastered, Part II (11CD set but missing 3CD Before the Dawn, as bought all in high res but this was not available, so selling box): $44.99
    5. Deathprod: Deathprod Rune Grammofon Box (4CD set): $69.99
    6. Kansas: The Classic Albums Collection 1974-1983 (11CD set): $69.99
    7. Art Zoyd: 44 1/2: Live and Unreleased Works (14-Disc set): $169.99
    8. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Edition (6-Disc set): $84.99
    9. Marillion: Fuck Everyone and Run (Deluxe 2-Disc Edition, Unsigned): $129.99

    1. Paul Butterfield: Complete Albums 1965-1980 (14CD set): $99.99
    2. Grateful Dead: Spring 1990 (The Other One) (23 HDCD set): $699.99
    3. Merle Haggard: Down Every Road (1962-1994) (4CD set): $59.99 (box shows significant signs of wear, booklet more VG+ than NM)
    4. Ian Hunter: Stranded In Reality (30-Disc set): $499.99 (comes with a bonus FREE 7-track sampler, Sampling in Reality, with 2 tracks not included in the regular box)
    5. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Playback (4CD set): $59.99

    SACD/SACD Hybrids
    NOTE: only SACD Hybrids will play on regular CD players. Titles not listed (yet) on Discogs:
    1. Steely Dan: Aja (Japanese SACD): $59.99
    2. Spirit: Spirit (Audio Fidelity SACD Hybrid, OOP, #1234): $69.99
    3. Spirit: The Family That Plays Together (Audio Fidelity SACD Hybrid, #1428): $25.99
    4. Jon Anderson: Olias of Sunhillow (Audio Fidelity SACD Hybrid, OOP, #2774): $64.99
    5. Mike Oldfield: Tubular Bells (2009 Stereo Mixes SACD Hybrid, #256): $25.99
    6. Renaissance: Scheherazade and Other Stories (Audio Fidelity SACD Hybrid, OOP, #2366): $54.99

    Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
    John Kelman
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    Some interesting boxes there. I would go for the Butterfield box but I have all his CDs except for the Woodstock CD. I wonder why that has not been released separately yet. There are some Butterfield tracks on the extended Woodstock boxes I have bought, but not the entire set he played at the festival. I live in hope.
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    Is anyone still buying on Discogs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camelogue View Post
    Is anyone still buying on Discogs?
    I buy on Discogs on approximately a bi-weekly basis. Have slowed down as 5 or 6 that I bought from Europe 2 months ago still haven't arrived.

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    I just bought one myself there, could not find elsewhere.

    Pricing tends to be much too high.


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