I started a new site to help the artists.


So as many of you may know I have house concerts in Chicago. International bands invariably leave merch with me and i ended up with $8000 in merch over the 8 years I have been doing house concerts.

I ended up putting the inventory up there and then within a week a lot of bands started asking me If I would do their North America distribution.

Right now its a bunch of crossover prog that I particularly like. Which is why I flew them to my house for concert. (Arena, Unreal City, Unitopia, Southern Empire, Phideaux)

Anyhow if you want to have a look or sign up for new releases as they come in you can.

One thing I will mention is. Its the only place you can get the new live Phideaux / Steve Unruh CD and its a killer.

Thanks for reading.