Hello from the Prog-Rock Diner! This Sunday 6/7/20 on Radio Fairfax from 10pm-Midnight EST at www.fcac.org/radio-fairfax and on Cable in No. Virginia (COX, Verizon) the diner has music from bands at NEARfest 2004 on the platter. We'll hear from Yezda Urfa, Pallas, Richard Pinhas, Mike Keneally Band, Univers Zero and Hidria Spacefolk. Please join me if you can and I would love to hear some of your experiences at this wonderful festival if you would care to share them. Thanks for listening.

YEZDA URFA - Give 'em Some Rawhide Chewies - Sacred Baboon
YEZDA URFA - 3, Almost 4, 6, Yea - Sacred Baboon
PALLAS - The Cross and the Crucible - The Cross and the Crucible
RICHARD PINHAS - Shaddai Blues - Metatron
RICHARD PINHAS - Metatron/Shaddai/Chabbatai - Metatron
MIKE KENEALLY - I Just Got Here/Naked Horse - Nonkertomf
MIKE KENEALLY - Blue jean Baby/The Knife and Drum - Nonkertomf

MIKE KENEALLY BAND - Gravity Grab - Dog
MIKE KENEALLY BAND - Hum - Guitar Therapy Live
UNIVERS ZERO - Toujours plus a l'est - Crawling Wind
UNIVERS ZERO - Terres Noires - Rhythmix
UNIVERS ZERO - Triomphe des Mouches
HIDRIA SPACEFOLK - Kokkola - Live Eleven am
HIDRIA SPACEFOLK - Pangala - Live Eleven am
MIKE KENEALLY BAND - Quimby - Guitar Therapy Live