Hello everyone, my name is Stig. I have been a member of Progressive Ears since 2002, but I haven't posted for a very long time.

For those that remember me, hi! I hope you have been well.

For those that don't, I am a musician (stigmusic.bandcamp.com). I flew across the atlantic to two NEARfests, I've seen Magma five times,I've seen Rush,
I've seen Yes four times, well, I don't need to go on. I'm one of you.

I have been spending my time in a glass house writing inmate's lullabies - i.e. I am in the middle of recording my 31st album.
I need some new equipment to complete what I am making, so I am going to be parting with a few precious things to get there.

I am a superfan of Gentle Giant and have been for two decades, so I'm sure you can appreciate why I've come back to PE for this one.

I have a perfect condition, first press, Vertigo label LP of "Octopus" by Gentle Giant that is signed by artist Roger Dean.

I met Roger Dean many years ago, he signed some of my Yes albums and when I presented Octopus he was absolutely delighted and told me he meets
with a group of hardcore GG fans every year for dinner.

I thought I'd never part with it, but I am creatively charged and need to do what I need to do.
I would like a minimum of 300 ($380) for it and I want it to go to someone who truly appreciates the band and their music.

If you are interested, please send me an email at stigmusic3@gmail.com

I hope you are all getting on okay in these strange days.

With love and kindness,

.* .* .*

P.s. I enclose some photos of the LP and also of my studio just so you know I am one *serious* boy