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Thread: ProgStock presents: Last Call Live 2019

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    ProgStock presents: Last Call Live 2019

    ProgStock attendees playing progressive rock classics "after hours" on the main stage at Union County Performing Arts Center in Rahway, NJ - No rehearsals. Bands are playing the songs for the first time together live.

    1. 0:05 - Siberian Khatru (Yes)
    2. 9:45 - On Reflection (Gentle Giant)
    3. 14:16 - Carry on My Wayward Son (Kansas)
    4. 19:52 - Distant Early Warning (Rush)
    5. 24:50 - La Villa Strangiato (Rush)
    6. 34:52 - In the Dead of Night (U.K.)
    7. 41:58 - Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)
    8. 49:17 - Abacab (Genesis)
    9. 57:42 - A Salty Dog (Procol Harum)
    10. 1:01:36 - Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes)
    11. 1:11:34 - Midas Man (Renaissance)
    12. 1:16:20 - Heart of the Sunrise (Yes)
    13. 1:26:53 - Trilogy (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
    14. 1:36:09 - Cult of Personality (Living Colour)
    15. 1:43:20 - The Great Deceiver (King Crimson)

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    Thanks very much for posting this! This kind of recent Video from a Prog festival or one off show are a lot of fun and also useful to see what the setup/vibe is like for festivals/venues we havenít been to before. That said, any chance of footage of any of the other after-hours bands at ProgStock? Kinetic Element maybe? Virtual Tip Jars welcome of course!
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    Jed, in recognition of your interest in our work, here is the video link to the concert from the FOLLOWING night at My Father's Place. No charge but you do have to download it. I hope you will favor us with a purchase of our Live From New York audio CD of this show.
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