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Thread: French TV #13: Stories Without Fingerprints Now Out

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    Thanks for the nice comments! I'm a little blown away by how well this cd is flying; I was really beginning to believe this is a dead medium and it might be time to hang it up. Appears I might have been wrong. I wish I knew why this one seems to be clicking---I don't consider it radically different from what we've done in the past. Maybe everyone's finally catching up?

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    That's great to hear Mike

    No, the new one is not radically different. I can think of a few factors why sales might be up.
    I think the new one has just a bit more catchy tunes then the previous two. The sound quality is superb too.
    But also the times we're in. In this lockdown with no shows possible some people *may* see the importance again in paying for recorded music. As for myself; I always paid for music but the last few months I bought a lot more music. No restaurants, holidays, cinemas and shows.... I've got to spend my money somewhere. Besides that with working from home all the time I have a lot more time for listening to music as well.


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