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Thread: My next solo streaming show 30th May

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    My next solo streaming show 30th May

    For this one I'll be playing bass and singing live, along to backing tracks of myself on drums, guitar, organ, and harmony vocals. Afterwards I'll be happy to stay and "chat", since I can't respond to comments etc during the show, as the delay is something 20 seconds, and besides, I need my reading glasses for that

    The even will be public so you don't need a FB account to see it. If you don't have an account and you're prompted by FB to sign up or log in, just click "Not now".

    Hope you can tune in for some fun!

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    The last one was quite enjoyable. I hope to make this one, too.
    I want to dynamite your mind with love tonight.

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    Here's the show on Vimeo if anyone's interested:
    Video quality not great as I have to stream very low-res due to my slow upload speed, but the sound is good!


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