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Thread: Frost* - Others EP June 2020

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    Frost* - Others EP June 2020

    Three releases from Frost* scheduled for this year, including this new EP, a boxed set and a new full length album!

    Here's my review of the new EP:
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    Great review, thanks for posting this.
    I checked their FB page and website to see if they have a audio sampler to listen to samples, but nothing yet.

    I love their previous albums, especially the first, but Satellites didn't work for me. Had it on vinyl and traded it at the local music shop.
    Do you remember the video they released probably about a year ago. It had a computerized type person in it and was supposed to be new material, and if that song is on the album, because on my first listen I didn't like it at all.
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    I for one am looking forward to the new releases this year, really enjoyed Falling Satellites. Your review, Progatron, piqued my interest even more! I know it was somewhat divisive, but I loved the dubstep elements on FS.

    Jem is a brilliant keyboardist, arranger, producer and sound designer, and Frost* really walks the line between prog and pop better than almost anyone these days. Makes sense, since he pays the bills by producing pop acts, where he learned how to bring a "big budget" sound to Frost*. It's too bad that rock music is pretty much off the radar of popular music these days, otherwise Frost* would likely be on the radio.
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    I liked Falling Satellites quite a lot but somehow it didn't work for me live, the various tracks of the suite just merged into a wall of noise. Hoping for better things.


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