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Thread: excellent and very informative Terry Riley interview

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    excellent and very informative Terry Riley interview

    In 2005, Henry Kaiser interviewed Terry Riley for a DVD release that never happened, as 'bonus material' for the DVD.

    Now, with Terry's permission, we are able to make this fascinating document, where Terry discusses the HOW in addition to many other things, available to the public!

    Terry’s 1969 music video collaboration with Arlo Acton: MUSIC WITH BALLS is referred to in the interview.
    You can view that complete work here.

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    Thank you for this. As always, it's wonderful to get inside the process of music creation.
    No matter what anyone says, you are the decider of how you will listen to music.

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    Ephemeral Sun - because I gotta do something about these boxes of CDs in the basement:

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    Outstanding! Thanks!


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