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Thread: The Samurai of Prog "Through the Wardrobe" (out in November 2020)

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    The Samurai of Prog "Through the Wardrobe" (out in November 2020)

    We are at the moment working hard on the new TSoP album inspired by the chronicles of Narnia.
    It will feature the talent of Ton Scherpenzeel, Oliviero Lacagnina, David Myers, Octavio Stampalža, Mimmo Ferri, Luca Scherani, Alessandro Di Benedetti and Jaime Rosas.

    Available as standard release or with bonus CD.

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    Available as standalone release or with bonus CD (limited edition)

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    Cool to see Ton Scherpenzeel as one of the musicians. Hope he's doing fine again, knowing he has some health-issues.

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    Whoa, I haven't even gotten Gulliver yet! Love the SoP.


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