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Thread: Imaginary Mountains - Ghost Rhythms

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    Yeah, for me Ghost Rhythms is one of the best bands around these days. This album confirms that.
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    Hello gentlemen,
    It's a real pleasure and comfort to read your comments, thanks a lot !
    We are currently working on the next album (no rest for the ghosts !) and it's very helpful to know that there is people who appreciate our efforts.
    Thanks Steve for your support !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camille Petit View Post
    no rest for the ghosts !
    Camille, as the ghost of Hamlet's father observes, your spectral lot is to be "Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night" - this is the musical errance for which you have been conjured.

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    Received my mountains today and am about to have my third listening. Funny how Tumuc Humac in a curious way makes me think of UK, especially because of the John Wetton-like bass-pattern.
    I like Imaginary Mountains as much as I did Madeleine and the two The Lady With-CD's.


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