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Thread: Imaginary Mountains - Ghost Rhythms

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    Imaginary Mountains - Ghost Rhythms

    Hello folks, I hope you're all well in those strange times. I will buy to support artists I love this may 1st, as Bandcamp doesn't take its cut on sales to support artists and labels !
    Ghost Rhythms issued two new tracks for this special date, in their EP "Imaginary Mountains". The new tracks are "Le Mont Analogue" and "Path to Oyapock".
    All music was composed, arranged and executed during lockdown.
    The main theme, of course, is imaginary mountains found on old maps, but it is also all those mountains - even inner mountains - that we climb, if only in dreams.
    I hope you'll like the new titles. I'm very proud of the work.
    It's a new collaboration between myself and Camille Petit, the same team that composed Madeleine, and that's kind of a come-back, as a writing pair !
    Cheers everyone, stay safe ! Xavier (Ghost Rhythms)

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    New punk-jazz-prog tune, with space guitar and accordion ! Enjoy !

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    Really nice!

    Reminds me of UZ
    no tunes, no dynamics, no nosebone

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    Quote Originally Posted by nosebone View Post
    Really nice!

    Reminds me of UZ
    Thanks a lot !!!


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