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Thread: New Album by Weserbergland - Am ende der Welt

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    New Album by Weserbergland - Am ende der Welt

    We just released our second album. CD, Vinyl and on most digital platforms.

    We have taken a step away from the progrock meets krautrock on our debut album, Sehr Kosmisch - Ganz Progisch. But we hope that people with an adventurous progressive taste in music will enjoy it. The music is contemporary classical meets experimental electronic meets some form of krautrock. The whole album is one track (we had to split it in two for the vinyl) - 42 minutes. it is one song, and we recommend listening to it in one go.

    The album has a dark theme. It deals with the end. Both on an existential and on a physical plane. Pianist Jan Terje Augestad debuts on record with this album. Jørgen Mathisen (sax) known from the progressive jazz band Krokofant is also new.

    The personell:
    Ketil Vestrum Einarsen - Computer
    Gaute Storsve - Prepared guitar
    Jan Terje Augestad - prepared piano
    Maria Grigoryeva -Strings
    Jørgen Mathisen - Sax
    Molesome - turntables

    Music and mix by Ketil Vestrum Einarsen.
    Jacob Holm-Lupo mastered it and also laid the finishing touches on the mix.

    Anyway, here it is, and we appreciate if you check it out!



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    Nice, that is an autobuy for me. I really enjoyed the first album.
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