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Thread: Best Releases Of 2020 - So Far

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    ^ "RIO/Avant Gard" doesn't denote a singular form of music and so can't be taken as a singular "description" either. The term encompasses an almost unimaginably wide array of partly contrasting sets of approaches - and certainly beyond any "Prog".
    "Improvisation is not an excuse for musical laziness" - Fred Frith
    "[...] things that we never dreamed of doing in Crimson or in any band that I've been in," - Tony Levin speaking of SGM

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    ^ I love daiquiris in RIO. U2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chalkpie View Post
    ^ I love daiquiris in RIO.
    How about gettin' caught in the rain?
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    "Ide o zmes prog rocku, cosmic music, electronic music a classical music. Prekvapivá a dosť divoká hudobná jazda je vo výslednom efekte znamenitá." - Martin Slávik


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