This week I've decided to do a 'series' of shows based on NEARfest. Starting with the year 2000, the 1st one I attended. I have most of the music and will try to play songs that were actually performed there. So this Sunday 4/12/20 from 10pm-Midnight EST on Radio Fairfax at and on Cable in No. Virginia (COX, Verizon) The Prog-Rock Diner serves some Echolyn, North Star, Iluvatar, Happy The Man, D.F.A. and Anekdoten. I hope you enjoy the show and thanks so much for listening.

ECHOLYN - A Little Nonsense - Suffocating The Bloom
ECHOLYN - All Ways The Same - As The World
ECHOLYN - As The World - As The World
NORTH STAR - Tempest - Tempest
ILUVATAR - Late of Conscience - Children
ILUVATAR - Indian Rain - A Story Two Days Wide
HAPPY THE MAN - Stumpy Meets Firecracker - Happy The Man
HAPPY THE MAN - While Crome Yellow Shine - Retrospective
HAPPY THE MAN - Service With A Smile - Retrospective

HAPPY THE MAN - Barking Spiders - The Muse Awakens
D.F.A. - Trip On Metro - Work In Progress LIVE
D.F.A. - La Via - Work In Progress LIVE
ANEKDOTEN - From Within - From Within
ANEKDOTEN - Kiss of Life - From Within
ANEKDOTEN - Karelia - Vemod
ANEKDOTEN - The Old Man and the Sea - Vemod