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Thread: GoFundMe - Medical Expenses Fund for Geoff & Kelli Logsdon

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    It must be incredible to live in a country where the government actually takes care of its citizens! Would love to know what that is like someday. Canada probably even recognizes bipolar as an actual disease, that kills nearly 40% of people who get it, a rate close to diabetes, l believe. But here in the good old US, if ya don't have something that can be seen on an X-ray, ya must not be sick. Currently the only cure for Bipolar is the method of one's own choice, which is how cavalierly we ignore mental illness in this country. It is sickening and deplorable.
    And Kevin, Godspeed and get better, and keep us posted. You have been more than generous and helpful to me and Kelli, please take care of your own well-being.
    Positive vibes and prayers to you my friend.

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    Hello everyone,
    I hope it is ok if l give this thread another bump in case there is anyone who hasn't seen it and might be willing to come to our aid. Thanks so much!

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    Geoff - You should find a lawyer that will work to get you and Kelli on Disability. Debbie found one that was either pro-bono up front or just a small retainer fee...and they get paid from a percentage of your approval pay-out. The one Debbie found made sure she had all the medical documentation (as I recall, Debbie was denied the first time she tried it on her own). Once the lawyer was involved, it was maybe a year to final approval (but the payout extended back to when she had first applied). --Peter

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    Thanks Peter! Yes we have actually tried 3 times to get Kelli on disability. We had a lawyer the last 2 times. At the last one about 3 years ago we did the hearing in front of a judge where l got to speak, they interviewed Kelli at length, and there was a vocational evaluation specialist there who reviewed all of Kelli's medical records. He literally told the judge that if she could sit in a very comfortable chair for 8 hours a day and stare at something, she could get a job.
    Our lawyer said that was one of the best hearings he ever had, it was in the bag, etc. He called a couple of days later and said they turned her down.
    That, on top of all of her other issues, just deflated and traumatized her-she had to put a lot of work into it too. It was so discouraging and mentally and physically exhausting that l haven't been able to persuade her to put herself through it again. Believe me, l bring it up every so often but it's a conversation that usually ends in tears. But thank you so much for the suggestion. I guess they are bigger hardasses about that here in Georgia which is not much of a surprise, they are about everything else.
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    By the way l should mention that she is hunting far and wide for some sort of job she could do at home on Zoom, which she could physically handle. It is such a shame. At full capability she could do anything. She is one of the most intelligent, engaging people l have ever met. So l am praying a miracle will happen there.

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    Best wishes.
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    Greg, thank you so much, and thank you again for your kind donation!

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    Hello again everyone,
    This is honestly not a last-ditch bump in disguise as a plea for any more donations.
    This is purely a thank you from the deepest part of my heart to all of you who reached out to help Kelli and me through the most trying time of our lives, and l cannot ever express my gratitude, which will go on into infinity. I dearly hope that l survive this, and can thank each and every one of you with a bear hug and a beer, if you would like one.
    I would especially like to thank the person whose idea this was, and started the GFM for us to begin with, Debi Byrd. She not only created the GFM page for us, but has been an invaluable source of moral support for me. I can honestly say without her help and encouragement l may not be typing this right now. If there are such things as angels on earth, she certainly has wings.
    And crucially l have to also send thanks and bear hugs and beers to everyone who was kind enough to donate to us last year. I am not on FB, and was in a really bad place...l don't know if it was even possible for me to personally thank anyone back then. So l dearly hope this belated thank you is somehow sufficient.
    One last thing l would like to mention, if it matters, is the
    changed perspective that horrific adversity has given me. It was just a peripheral thought that l have had, is that many of you reached out to help me because l am part of the PE family, and not because of what sub-genre of prog l like or don't like. And that has had an effect on me, when l read threads on this group now.
    It never used to bother me before but now it just makes me sad that people will get on a thread and say something shitty just for the fun of it, or attack someone for their opinion or musical taste.
    Not to hop on a soapbox for a moment but if that is the kind of stuff that is in your heart to make you happy, you ought to take a look on the mirror and thank your higher power that you are lucky enough to have the spare time to hang around on here and be "clever", snarky, or just plain rude. Isn't life a little too short for that?
    Ok, off the box.
    Thank you again, sincerely, to everyone who has been so kind and generous to Kelli and l in this ongoing time of need.
    And if you didn't, guess what? I think you are all pretty great too... otherwise you wouldn't be on this group at all.
    All my best wishes, and "be excellent to each other", as a couple of wise men once said.

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    Hello friends, hope all is well. Kevin J, if you are out there I hope your lithotripsy went well and you have gotten all of the sandbox out!
    I wanted to tell anyone who is interested that l have finally started digging out all my CDs and music memorabilia (everything is in a small room packed packed in boxes)and starting to post it on eBay. All the proceeds will go towards taking care of Kelli. So far l have up some echolyn As The World T-shirts (lots more echolyn shirts on the way including for the 1st album and Suffocating), a possibly one-of-a-kind handmade-by-band Deluxe Edition of Sleepytime Gorilla's "Grand Opening..." made in an edition of "maybe 25" per Nils Frykdahl, an English Trick Of The Tail tour jacket from 1976, all 4 of the Accordo dei Contrari CDs, a horribly rare CD copy of 'Bla Vardag' by Atlas (one of my top 5 Swedish albums), some sealed Dreadnaught CDs, books by Andy Powell and Richard McPhail, and a few other things. I am just getting started and hope to add things every couple of days as l run across them. My eBay handle is "khloverstock".
    I have a mountain of things to put up for sale. Rush, Marillion (Fish-era), Zappa, Yes, etc concert programs, the aforementioned echolyn shirts along with Nektar, Dr. Nerve, Rush, Spock's Beard, Roots Of Consciousness,Landberk (!), etc. 95% of my shirts were never worn. Vintage posters out the wazoo up to and including original promo posters for PG's first solo album, The Wall, Giant's Playing The Fool(!), a couple of wall-sized Marillion posters, Smallcreep's Day (!), and so on. I can't even find pictures of most of them. Also tons of vinyl but l will have to get good at shipping it.
    Anyway, l will list things as l come across them and time permits. Lots of cool stuff for a good cause. Thank you and bless all of you who sent us donations...they would still be a huge help too, of course.
    I won't post any more here about things l list for sale, the PE moderators have been more than kind to let me keep this thread here! Thanks again to you all!

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    ^ You might want to provide a link for your ebay page. I used site map>Find a member>khloverstock and came up with bupkiss.
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    Thanks! I will try to figure out how to do that. I never know how to do anything until l figure it out for the first time, no matter how simple.

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    ^ Yep, that's got it. Thanks.
    15 Cuban minutes
    Can get lost in the fog
    Life's a test, just do your best
    Like a three-legged dog

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    Thank YOU for the very wise suggestion!

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    Geoff, thanks for the good thoughts! I survived and have been passing various sized stones ever since (this thing was BIG…about 18 mm!). Hopefully it will all be gone soon.
    Still saying prayers for you and Kelli, and hoping things start looking up for you two very soon. Hopefully once I get my procedure paid off I might be able to help out a little more.

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    Hi Kevin,
    Glad you made it through! And still passing stones up to a few days ago? And an 18mm? Yow. Ow. I know very well the pain you have gone through! It is has to be experienced.
    That is so nice of you to continue thinking of and praying for Kelli and me. Any donations to our GFM are still sorely needed and appreciated, but l can't expect for people to keep reaching into their pockets for us. Having said that, if you are able to, it would be a wonderful thing! Thank you for even considering the possibility!
    All the best to you, my friend! Hope you are back to 100% soon!

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    Bumping to make sure our buddy Geoff is doing okay!


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