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Thread: The 3rd Edition of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock

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    The 3rd Edition of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock

    The 3rd Edition of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock by Charles Snider To be Released March 27, 2020

    The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock, 3rd Edition
    Reviews of 510+ albums from 1967 - 1982
    572 pages
    Fully edited, proofread and fact-checked

    Back in print for 2020! The definitive record guide to the progressive era of rock music, Strawberry Bricks presents a comprehensive discography with reviews of 500+ albums, with band histories, musical synopses, key tracks and critical commentary, all presented in the historical context of a timeline. Beginning in 1967 and continuing through 1982, a generation of musicians took rock music in directions unforeseen as they charted what would become known as progressive rock. From art rock to krautrock, from England to Germany to Italy and all across Europe, Strawberry Bricks offers a candid reappraisal of rocks most cerebral genre. Also for this edition, Matt Howarth has revisited his original artwork from the first edition of the book.

    Says Charles, The newly written Prologue offers a historical perspective of the pretext to the progressive era, beginning post-WWII, while the Epilogue offers a current perspective on progressive rock since the early 80's. I've also spent a good deal of time fact-checking every detail in the book, including song titles and artist names. Further, this edition has been professionally edited and peer reviewed, all to make this as exacting and rewarding a book as the music it covers. Strawberry Bricks is another narrative on the classic era of progressive rock, one with hopefully a novel and candid outlook on the genre, its albums and the men that made it one of the most interesting chapters in rock's history.

    With 212 more reviews, 210 more pages, completely fact-checked and professionally edited, and with a full index, the third edition is a substantial upgrade to owners of the first edition of the book. For owners of the second edition, Matt Howarth once again revisits his original artwork for Strawberry Bricks. Enjoy the music!

    Praise for Strawberry Bricks:

    In Strawberry Bricks Charles Snider gives us a history of progressive rock from 1967 to 1982 through his astute, colourful and insightful entries on a personal selection of over 500 albums and not always the obvious choices. He acts as an informed and trustworthy guide leading the reader on a fascinating journey through the genre. - Mike Barnes, A New Day Yesterday: UK Progressive Rock & The 1970s

    Sniders research is impeccable, his writing style enjoyable and its hard to fault the inclusion of any of the hundreds of albums he covers. - Kev Rowland, The Progressive Underground

    Most impressive! I can see its phenomenally well researched. Well done. - Hugh Banton, Van der Graaf Generator

    Comments on previous editions of Strawberry Bricks:

    Only one major book on progressive rock that matters has been published this year, and it's this one: The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock (Revised and Expanded Edition) by Charles Snider. This is a work of great passion and expertise by a true aficionado and historian of the form. It's an exhaustive, comprehensive and engaging overview of the genre. It also offers 500+ reviews of important albums from the "golden era" of this music from 1967 to 1982. This is a valuable addition to the library of every enthusiast of progressive music. - Anil Prasad, Innerviews

    Charles Snider has an encyclopedic knowledge of progressive rock, and has accrued one of the worlds most formidable record collections. No one is better equipped to write the definitive discography of this rich genre of music. - Jonathan Schang, District 97

    About the Author:
    Charles Snider has been collecting records since the early 1970s, amassing one of the most complete archives of progressive rock. One of my earliest memories of vinyl was The Beatles' 'Paperback Writer' b/w 'Rain.' Musically, my love for British music and everything thereafter starts with The Beatles. My daughters are even named after Beatles songs! Snider's self-professed passion for the music archaeology continued over the decades, branching out to many other genres of music. In the early 90s, Kevin Eden and I curated the WMO label, with the cooperation and support of Wire. The CD was a new format, and we released a lot of hard to find records, as well as unreleased archival material and two very good tribute discs. Upon moving to Chicago in 2000, he began writing the first edition of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock. I've always loved record guides. Certainly, Ira Robbins Trouser Press was the prototype, but growing up in the 70s with magazines like Circus, Creem and of course Rolling Stone, I've always enjoyed the passion writers convey about music. While not listening to prog rock in his man-cave, Snider can be found blogging about personal technology or cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks.

    The 3rd Edition of The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock will be released on March 27th, 2020. Available directly from, and from (including UK, JP and the EU). Published by via Kindle Direct Publishing, an Amazon company.

    To purchase from Amazon:

    For more information:

    Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158,

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    This is available from I might pick it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mozo-pg View Post
    This is available from I might pick it up.
    Thank you, here's the link
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    Charles, I have the first two editions, are there more reviews than in second edition? Thanks!

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    Yes, there are 34 more reviews, available on the website as well. Third edition is basically the same as the 2nd, but without the Portraits section, lightly edited, 34 more reviews and with the (enhanced) original cover. It also has the "Essential 67 Album" list.

    But mostly, the third edition is IN PRINT and available!
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    Because I couldn't order it from my local bookshop (due to Corvid import wasn't possible) I finally ordered it from and got it today. Impressive stuff! Maybe I can even use it when I have to write a review for another re-release from the past :-)


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