Hello there,
we were really bored with no gigs and no opportunity to rehearse or record as a band (thank you Covid), so we committed ourselves (ourselves = Ghost Rhythms) to make a soundtrack for an imaginary B-zone movie (maybe a Z-zone one), with lots of weird, horrible, interesting, cringy, cool stuff we dabbled with. I hope you like it, because we had a lot of FUN doing this and creating the synopsis.
The movie is called HUIS-CLAUDE (a pun on "Huis-Clos", which means a story that happens behind closed doors), and it is the story of a confined military man (Claude) who realizes that his two-room apartment was built on an old indian cemetery and who has to face werewolves, zombie mummies, zombigarous, ninjas, aliens, ghosts, an evil DJ, and a whole bunch of other enemies including, obviously, a very nasty virus. At the end, rest assured, he is doing well, and out of trouble (well, "out" is a way of speaking).

We made sure that there is something for all bad tastes.

You can buy it by paying what you want, and you can also have the wonderful poster of the movie, done by Guillaume Aventurin.
Good listening ! Good confinement!
Enjoy !