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Thread: Catherine Ribeiro suffers a stroke

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    Catherine Ribeiro suffers a stroke

    MODERATOR EDIT: The OP originally thought that Catherine Ribeiro passed away, but later discovered she had a stroke. I have cleaned up the thread, but kept it open for discussion.
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    She suffered a stroke some days ago and she's hospitalized in Germany... Don't know if she didn't make it. Let's pray for recovery.

    She's a legend for me...
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    I understand that she is up dire straits without a house and living from small artistic-related German revenues and whatever the recent reissues royalties (two recent boxsets) were headed her way. She is 80.
    She is widowed (and kicked out of her house afterwards) and lost her daughter some 8 years ago to AIDS
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    News yesterday says she had a bad stroke:
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    Although AFAIK she's been inactive for a while - which is understandable, given the force needed to carry that immense voice at old age - these are very saddening news. And so is the report on her living conditions. Ribeiro is, what, 79 or 80? In any case one of the most majestic vocalists I ever heard, donning great music to justify it. I'll be spining No. 2, Paix and Libertés to summon her effect.
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