Barry Andrews of Shriekback/XTC/League of Gentlemen is doing the Patreon thing and other stuff. Itís all pretty because I was and am a huge Shriekback fan. Hereís the info:

Hey Shriek Enthusiasts

well, it just keeps getting stranger, eh?

Hoping you and yours are avoiding the harshest effects of this New Massive Weirdness and, on a good day, even finding some diversion and solace in the Locked Down World, as we are.

We will be using this email outlet, as well as Facebook and BA's Patreon site - (new movie there later today!) - disseminate new material, work-in-prog and other curiosities all piped through these entirely hygienic, germ-free internet tubes. Make sure you're on on all the lists.

We're looking at doing a new album of remixes and covers next. Any suggestions welcome..

Also we're continuing to digitize all our back catalogue and today we can announce that the last 'proper' release is available. That's right, good ol' Go Bang. Plastic fantastic, 80's gloss-finish, widely despised yet, we would assert, containing some really quite excellent stuff, ripe perhaps for another listen and appraisal?

Please yourselves, obviously

you can now have it as a download (along with 4 demos) from:

Take care of yourselves, now.

Keep The Distance



PS - is anyone interested in getting any of the albums on TAPE?? (1/4" deeply old skool TAPE). Cos we can do that...