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Thread: ~ Advent acquires new bassist ~

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    ~ Advent acquires new bassist ~

    Hello all -
    We as a band are pleased to announce that Evan Hause -- an extremely talented bassist/multi-instrumentist/vocalist who is also an accomplished composer -- has joined Advent. Please help us give him a warm welcome. We're very thrilled to have him join, and we look forward to getting him acclimated as quickly as possible.

    Exciting times ahead!

    For more about Evan, here's his personal website:

    Advent's site (hope to have the "News" section updated very soon):

    Advent on Facebook:

    ~ Mark

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    Well done. Just listened to one of Evan's solo-albums through bandcamp ( with special attention to the bass-playing and yes, this will fit wonderful!
    Welcome Evan!

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    Love to hear it, Alan. Wishing you and the band with Evan the best.

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