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Thread: When you discover a lyrical reference...

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    When you discover a lyrical reference...

    Those first two Klaatu albums are burned into my brain. I can still quote the opening lyric to "California Jam" over 40 years later -- "Hodad made the scene, totin' a sixpack of cold cola/ stogie smokin' in hand and groovin' in his sandals..."

    I just got the book, "A Weird-Oh's World, the Art of Bill Campbell" because of those wacky 60's model kits called Weird-Ohs. I loved to draw Campbell's crazy creations even more than I did building the kits as a kid. The Hawk model company also made a line of surfer-themed models ("Silly Surfers") that Campbell also illustrated the box covers for, which I don't remember. One of the models was Hodad - look at the box cover and the text below the illustration and you see what California Jam is referring to...

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    Hodads were a common reference during the Mad Magazine years.

    Speaking of lyrics burned into your brain, I still reflexively quote "Get in there with the pop stars" from the GTOs album, whenever I'm trying to fit something into something else and it doesn't wanna go.


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