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Thread: Mellotron Variations on Tiny Desk!

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    Mellotron Variations on Tiny Desk!

    Here's an odd one - odd even for the 'Tron or Tiny Desk:

    An ensemble of four Mellotron players - John Medeski on the real deal (with the works hanging out), and Robby Grant, Pat Sansone (the drummer from Wilco) and Jonathan Kirkscey on samplotrons.

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    Thanks! Great sounds and melodies.

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    Wow, really great stuff! These guys got it down! Cool songs. Medeski's a frickin' brutal monster, who tortures the beast beautifully. TRON-ORGASM!
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    Very cool indeed, but unfortunately only John Medeski is using a real original (electromechanical) Mellotron here. All other musicians are playing on a modern reincarnation which is only a dedicated digital sampler (sample player) containing samples taken from the original Mellotron Library. If you don't like digital emulations Streetly Electronics are back into business and will be pleased to build you an improved replica of the original beast for a meagre 8,000 (plus VAT). ... tron-m4000

    I really like the way Medeski is torturing his Tron by slowing down the inertial capstan wheel,etc... obviously you can't do that with the digital versions...
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